To draw or not to draw, that is the question

Since I'm a one man band, I have total freedom on how I produce my games.

Freedom is however a double-edged sword: while my flow isn't blocking (or being blocked by) anyone, which feels great, not having stakeholders means I don't feel the need to stick to something. Namely, either drawing or coding.

I'm currently jumping between drawing quick sketches and placeholders just to set up a room so I can code the interactions, and drawing detailed rooms or characters. So my project is now composed of rooms like this one...

...and this one.

I keep telling myself that it's fine, since everything I'm doing is ought to be done anyway, so I'm not wasting anybody's time.

But it's still a frustrating part of my process because if I'm drawing, I think that I should be coding, and if I'm coding, I look at the sketch and think they look awful. And either way, I'm thinking "this doesn't look like a game at all". This is so different from making a jam game.

Anyway... I'm making progress, slowly but surely.

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Hopefully my next devlog entry will be more about the game itself and not about how I'm basically clueless.


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I mean... it doesn't matter which task you do, everything you do is progress. Just remember that you lose some efficiency every time you switch tasks. But that's sometimes a tradeoff to avoid burnout.





I'm currently drawing pizzas, way better than poop :D