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Funny little point and click adventure game. Nice work!

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Absolutely loved playing No Rest for the Wicked! The graphics, puzzles and humor are top-notch. Reminds me of the classic point-and-click adventures like Monkey Island/Kings Quest. I highly recommend everyone to experience this gem. Kudos to the creators.

this was so good i wish vampires were real

This game was great! The puzzles were clever, and the game was pretty funny. Great stuff!

Otto Killed Me! during this playthrough but thank you for the game.

Thanks ! It was a pleasant moment ! The graphics are great, the humor, the music too ! and the voice are amazing !! 10/10


What a charming game! Loved it!


There surely must be some rest for the wicked...


aaaah this was so Good! lol, the graphics, the voices, the jokes the puzzles!! Loved it :D poor Otto lol


This game is pure fun!
I loved the witty writing, the clever and rewarding puzzles and the excellent pixel art. The brilliant voice acting is the cherry on top. So good!


This was really fun! 😁 I'm ashamed to tell that I got stuck with the Otto puzzle longer than I expected, though 😅 But thankfully I ended up resolving it.


Thank you for this nice little game.


Peeerfect! There may not have been anything as shockingly funny as the nun from Where Wolf? but overall, I think it was an even funnier game.  The servant was one of your most charming characters yet. Awesome puzzles. And the voice over was extra special this time ...yay! I can't recall if you usually force look before interactions, but I like that design. Well done.


Application won't open on my M1 Mac running Ventura. Just a dialog saying "The application “NR4TW” can’t be opened."

Ah yes, this is a known issue for Mac when running games built under Windows. You should change the permission flags on the executable, try to follow these instructions.

Open up a Terminal and navigate to your app folder:


This folder contains the actual executable file which Windows apparently didn’t make executable. With the following command you should be able to give execution permissions on the file

chmod +x "No Rest for the Wicked"


Very cool, that did the trick.  Can't wait to try it. 

I also had to go into "Privacy & Security" in my System Settings, scroll to the bottom, and allow the application to be opened anyway.


This is absolutely hilarious! Great pixel graphics, excellent puzzles and a brilliant voice-over to boot. I love the humor, too. Only got stuck once at the beginning of the Otto puzzle. It was clear what this was about, but it took me a moment to understand how to do it. Definitely my favourite puzzle from the game.

I had a lot of fun with it. The fact that this (very polished) game was developed in just two weeks for a jam makes it even more impressive.


Didn't expect another Guga release while waiting for TWoAF after the KS :) Love the style! And thank you for being the minority who supports Mac, that made me buy it.


Clever puzzles! Only the ventriloquism puzzle was challenging at the beginning. The humor, graphics and the voice acting is great! Well done!


Thoroughly enjoyable. Well done!

In particular, the puzzles were excellent. There was a good variety of them, and they all made perfect sense (in their LucasArts-y, cartoon logic way) and were well signposted.

The writing was also genuinely funny from the get-go, with just a few minor grammatical errors here and there.

Nice art and animation, and the music fit the setting well.

Decent voice acting, although some of the sound quality wasn’t the best.

Although it didn’t take long for me to realise on my own, it would’ve been nice to have been told that clicking on a hotspot for a second or third time would often result in a different action, and right-clicking always works as ‘look at’.

Overall, an easy recommendation. Great job! 😊


Carla is the best, she totally loves her career path..*laugh*.  I can tell put a lot of work into this game (pixel art, puzzles, VO). Masterful job!


This game is GOOD and hilarious :D

Thank YOU


Okay so the puzzles were really clever, well done. The game was also funny and the voice acting was good.